Saturday, June 25, 2011

No more fingerprints

I suppose it's appropriate that I post this today, seeing as I am no longer the newspaper adviser at my school, but a few weeks ago Matt and I cancelled our Washington Post subscription and nothing has made me happier around our house for a while.

The discussion with Matt, the primary reader of the paper-version of the Post, centered on the fact that all the content in print can be read online for free (and then some) but also Sunday's paper was staying out on our coffee table until at least Tuesday, and there were lots of black fingerprints on our walls, outlet covers and white cabinets. So, he eventually agreed this is something we can do without.

I called the Post -- they are sneaky and let you do everything with your subscription online except cancel it. So when I called I had this funny epitomizes-me-perfectly conversation with the customer service rep:

Post: may I ask why you are cancelling your subscription?

Me: yes, my husband leaves the newspaper out on the coffee table for too long and he gets black fingerprints all over our house.

Post: I'm sorry, could you explain that again? (I imagine her searching for the button to press to enter the cancellation explanation)

Me: it's making our house dirty.

Post: I'm sorry, do you mean you're not reading the paper anymore?

Me: sure, that's why.

Regardless, I have to say that we are now saving a little more money and we have one less item to recycle each week. And I am saving time not having to wipe up smudges! Like Matt says, he'd be happy to pay to read the newspaper online, but that's not the route the Post has chosen as of yet.

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