Sunday, March 3, 2013

Treat Yo Self: jewelry cleaning, tailoring, waxing

I love Aziz Ansari's character on Parks and Rec, and I love that he has given me Treat Yo Self.

I'd been lagging in some much-needed treating of myself, so I took care of a few items lately that are worth sharing.

1) At-home jewelry cleaning

You know those little round bottles of jewelry cleaner that cost $5 a pop and kind-of sort-of get your ring clean? I'd been using those for years (specifically, the 6.5 years we've been married), but my ring was never really coming out that clean. I wanted to recreate that sparkly-just-got-engaged ring of 2005. It's been recreated twice, both times when Matt took my ring into a jewelry store and asked someone to clean it. Because I feel pathetic taking my ring into a jewelry store every month to get it sparkly again, I started looking for alternatives. Matt found the well-reviewed Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner on Amazon.

Let me say this product is amazing. It's pretty inexpensive (we paid $27), it doesn't take up much space, and most importantly it makes my ring sparkle perhaps more than it did on the day we got engaged. It's also kind of funny because it looks like a little spaceship for your jewelry, and when you turn it on this blue light comes on (which to me looks like the future). It takes about 3 minutes for the machine to complete a cleaning cycle.

Matt also read that putting a drop of blue Dawn dishwashing detergent in the machine will further enhance the jewelry's sparkle, so we invested in a bottle.

So, if you want brand-new looking jewelry, treat yo self.

2) Saving busted jeans thanks to a good tailor

You know how I love me some too-expensive Citizens of Humanity jeans? Aside from my maternity jeans purchase (which doesn't count), I only owned two pairs of these jeans, and they've gotten me through many, many wearings over three years. Then I had a baby. No, my body actually didn't change, and the jeans continue to fit me perfectly. But having a baby means lots of crawling around on the floor. So one of my pairs of jeans got a giant hole in the knee. That pair was beyond repair and now is my an around-the-house-only pair of jeans. My other pair of jeans got two holes in the crotch area, but the holes are so tiny and hidden that I thought I should try saving these jeans with the amazing tailor I found about five years ago.

I am so glad I took my jeans in for patching a few weeks ago. I spent $20 to get them professionally patched, and I think that small amount of money was a great investment for what will hopefully prolong the life of the jeans for at least another year, perhaps several more. My tailor put some black material inside the crotch area of the jeans and by some act of voodoo sewing made them look perfectly new. Seriously. Amazing. I'm especially glad I saved these particular boot-cut pants because they are practically obsolete, as a recent jean-shopping expedition to Nordstrom revealed.

3) DIY bikini waxing

Man, if I could choose an area of my body to never have to remove hair from again, it would be my bikini line. Because I don't want to invest the time and money into laser hair removal, though, I've experimented with various DIY waxing options, including wax strips and sugar wax. Prior to our recent Bahamas trip -- which I dubbed our second honeymoon, so I wanted to look especially good -- I went on the lookout for some new products. I stumbled upon the Parissa Strip-Free Hot Wax for face, brow, and bikini. I will admit I was both intrigued and terrified by the idea of strip-free waxing, not to mention the idea of applying hot wax to my own body.
I have to say I am now converted. Though a bit messy, I found this product way easier to use than I imagined it would be. We have a gas stove, and I placed the metal wax container straight over a burner. It only took about a minute or two for the wax to warm up. One pot of wax can definitely be used for several different applications. Sure, using the wax was a little painful, but beauty is pain, right? I've never had a pain-free waxing experience. Also, the results really did last a long time, and that's what matters most.

So, ladies, go out and treat yo self.

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  1. My mom bought me an ultrasonic cleaner when I got engaged, and I love how sparkly it and some soap makes my jewelry. Good recommendation.