Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Quest for the Holy Sippy

When Natalie was around 6 months old, our pediatrician recommended we start trying to offer her water through a sippy cup. As a perennial rule follower, I obliged. We already had a couple sippy cups in our house, thanks to our baby registry and a couple gifts that arrived soon after Natalie's birth. Because I'd read in Baby 411 that it's best for babies to drink from straws rather than spouts in order to avoid future orthodontia disaster, or some such nonsense, I started off believing Natalie needed to learn to drink from a straw, stat.

Oh, silly me.

It turns out there are some children under the age of one year old who have no problem drinking out of a straw. (Our little buddy Sammy is a straw-drinking champion, mastering the art at age four months or so.) It turns out my daughter is not one of these champs.

So, I started stocking up on seemingly every type of sippy cup imaginable in what unfortunately became The Quest for the Holy Sippy.

After starting out with the Safe Sippy and the Playtex Baby First Lil' Gripper Twist 'n Click Straw Trainer Cup we moved on to no-straw sippy cups, starting with the University of Virginia sippy cup with the traditional spout (like the Auburn ones pictured here, apologies to my alma mater). Then we moved on to Nuby sippy cups (both this kind and this kind). No dice.

Take N Toss sippy cups were a hit at Natalie's first birthday party; unfortunately, I don't think Natalie actually got any liquid out of then, though she loved carrying them around.

Finally, when I thought I couldn't get more sippy cups into our cabinet space, I found this Tommee Tippee Explora training cup. It's like the clouds parted and guided me to this cup. Natalie drinks out of it, successfully. And the thing doesn't leak. Every sippy cup claims it doesn't leak, but this is the one that has actually passed many toddler shaking and dropping tests.

Coming in at runner-up in the Quest is the Camelbak Eddy Kids' bottle. Sammy, of four-month-old straw-using fame, gave this bottle to Natalie because he's been able to drink out of this style of bottle most of his life, and it looks shockingly similar to my Camelbak that Natalie loves to try to drink out of, albeit unsuccessfully. Natalie can get a decent amount of water out of this bottle, thanks to the way the straw stores water in its tubing. This blessing, though, is also a curse because this causes the bottle to leak some. Still, I gladly give Natalie this bottle, too, because she likes it and it works most of the time.

Natalie is still drinking almost all her whole milk out of her Dr. Brown bottles, but by 15 months I'd like her to be exclusively drinking all her liquids out of her sippy cups. We've only got five weeks to make the transition complete!

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  1. Sammy says thanks for the shout out Steph! To be fair to Nat, Sammy was six months before he was able to steal water from my "sippy" cup. Babies always find something to give you a run for your money over. I'd think I'd choose picky cup toddler over baby who didn't sleep. Nat def has Sammy beat in that category!