Sunday, October 21, 2012

Household schedule reality check

This blog keeps me honest and helps me set realistic goals for myself, so I thought it was time to reflect on my baby-friendly household maintenance plan I established back in June.

The good news is that I am mostly sticking to it. The bad news is that I hate to clean bathrooms. I really, really hate cleaning bathrooms.

To be a little more reflective, though....

Writing down a Monday through Friday "schedule" has been useful in giving me just one or two tasks to focus on per day outside of all the baby care activities that consume so much of my time. I definitely feel less overwhelmed.

Even though I do not have a full-time job outside the house right now, I still like to give our family weekends that are as errand-free and chore-free as possible. I'm happy to be a little more insane during the week if it means freedom during the weekend. Also, in reality, there is almost always something I didn't get to during the week that needs to get taken care of during the weekend, so it's nice to have that flexibility.

I have needed to rearrange what days I accomplish different tasks. Tuesday are particularly busy around our house, so I should not make Tuesday the day I dust or clean the bathrooms, since those tend to be more time consuming. The point is, though, that no matter what day I accomplish something, with a schedule generally in mind I am more likely to consistently take care of tasks that need to get done every week (or realistically, every two weeks).

Handling all the dog hair that is inevitably floating around our house is such a Sisyphean task, but a schedule for dusting and vacuuming at least ensures that even if everything does not get accomplished when I want it to, at least it happens roughly around the time I want it to. And that is fine. I am horrible, however, at ever remembering to Furminate the dogs these days. Poor dogs.

Oh, and always dust before vacuuming. Always.

So, if you're tired of looking at your house and wondering where to begin with trying to keep it presentable, I'm a believer in this personalized schedule idea. It will help keep you from losing your mind and maybe cut the dog hair around your house down by half.

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