Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Baby manicures

When Natalie was still a tiny baby, just about a month old, I couldn't relate to other moms when they'd talk about things their babies hated. Natalie basically never cried and seemed content to eat, have her diaper changed, take naps/go to bed, be held, sit in her swing, or have her eyes open for those few minutes a day that a newborn is actually awake. Now, though, I can definitely say there are a couple things Natalie does hate, one of which is getting her nails trimmed.

So this is where the TV comes in.

I know TV is "bad" for babies. I don't believe in plopping Natalie in front of the TV to watch anything, really, except when it comes time to do her nails.

Rather than having blood-curdling screams while I struggle to hold Natalie's fingers still, the TV gives me the three minutes of distraction that I need to perform a weekly baby manicure.

Children's programming on PBS is a great go-to option during baby manicure time, but anything on the big screen will do, really.

A Baby Mum-Mum in one of Natalie's hands just sweetens the deal. Or, when we're out of Mum-Mums, as we are today, giving Natalie her little sheep -- affectionately known as Baba -- also soothes her while I perform a task the neighbors might think involves intense pain and cruelty based on some of the noises Natalie has emitted during this time.

What are some tricks you've learned for getting through those tasks your babies/toddlers hate?

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  1. Hilarious Steph! She is freaking adorable with that sheep too! I've often thought while Sammy's nails are being trimmed: Hope the windows aren't open and no one is outside. He freaking hates it and I consider it a major accomplishment when all 10 fingers and a few toes are cut.