Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pepper grinder happiness

Our house is where pepper grinders go to die. Maybe this is a sign that we cook so often that standard kitchen implements can't keep up with our volume. Or maybe it's a sign that we need to invest in a better pepper mill. We took it as a sign of the latter, and Matt did a little investigating an dug up this gem: the Oxo pepper grinder. He found it through, you know, the Wall Street Journal's Test Kitchen feature on pepper grinders. Because this is a thing that exists. WSJ rated our little Oxo love as the best value grinder.

I love Oxo products. They're inexpensive and they last. I am even starting to appreciate Oxo Tot products now that we've entered to world of baby solid food consumption. This pepper grinder represents everything good about Oxo products and then some.

At $21.99 this pepper grinder is cheaper than any others you'll find at Williams-Sonoma and better quality than any others in a similar price range. Even better, I love this little gadget for three more reasons:

1) There are five grinding settings to allow for more finely or coarsely ground pepper.

2) The pepper comes out of the top of the grinder rather than the bottom, eliminating that annoying pile of pepper that used to be sitting on our counter underneath the pepper grinders of yore.

I'll take some pepper flakes on top of the grinder if it keeps my counters clean.

3) The grinder makes this insanely satisfying clicking sound when in use. I don't know why, but I love that, perhaps because it indicates we finally have a pepper grinder that does its job well.

You could purchase this at Bed Bath and Beyond and use a coupon, but our local store doesn't appear to carry it so we went with our other favorite retailer, Amazon.

Oxo pepper grinder, I salute you.

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