Thursday, July 12, 2012

6 months with Nat

I cannot believe that as of today Natalie has been in our life for half a year, but I also cannot believe that on the eve of her six-month birthday, Natalie's first tooth erupted. For posterity's sake, it's her front bottom right tooth, her central incisor, and the left one is not far behind. I can't get photographic evidence of the tooth quite yet, but I can share today's 6-month photo shoot, in which at least I can tell the difference in her smile/the shape of her mouth (and the fact that she's holding her tongue differently).

(Sidenote: Her dress, which she's still growing into, is an adorable little number from Hanna Andersson. We received several gifts from this line when she was born. The clothes are painfully cute albeit fairly expensive for baby/kid's clothes, so they make a perfect gift.) 

Good news: Natalie's tooth erupted without a fuss from the little lady. Now I am convinced that we were, in fact, dealing with teething pain a couple weeks ago, but the actual eruption doesn't appear to have bothered her much.

A developmental milestone I've been happily anticipating is almost here. Natalie can almost sit up by herself. Right now she can support herself for upwards of 10 seconds. It will be so lovely when we can put her on her blanket with some toys and she can entertain herself for a longer period of time without face planting.

She might start crawling soon, but for now she seems to do best scooting backward. Is that considered crawling? Maybe we'll save that one for the seven-month mark.

A milestone I've just met is six months of exclusively breastfeeding Natalie. There is nothing easy about breastfeeding (a nurse told me that just because it's natural doesn't mean it's easy -- nicely stated!). Still, I am fortunate that my experience has been relatively easy in the scheme of things, and I hope to continue breastfeeding for a while.

Although I'm not trying to share every last detail of Natalie's development, this is a virtual baby book of sorts. And I will say that every milestone, however mundane, seems miraculous when it's happening to your child.

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