Monday, March 12, 2012

Natalie's photo shoot: Months 1 & 2

Today Natalie is two months old, which is of course crazy to imagine. One month ago I was likely too busy to think of the fact that I needed to start documenting Natalie's growth in a monthly photo. So, when she was five weeks old I cheated and took her first monthly photo, not quite on her one-month birthday, but for posterity's sake we'll pretend like it was.

I've decided that each month I'll photograph Natalie in a favorite outfit she was wearing that month. She has tons of clothes, but already there are some oldies but goodies that are rising to the top of the most-worn list because they happen to fit her well (and are easy for frequent diaper changes).

For continuity I'll photograph Natalie in the chair in our living room. She'll wear her bow -- one I purchased from the Etsy seller BebeBands. Draped behind her is her baby blanket, one that my mom's good friend Beverly handmade. Beverly made baby blankets for each of my siblings and me, and when my little sister was born Beverly even knitted me a blanket for my baby dolls, no doubt so I would not get jealous. Natalie's baby blanket is extra special because Beverly has lost nearly all her vision, yet after many hours she still managed to painstakingly create this perfect blanket.

I'm trying to get a vertical full body shot of Natalie as well as a close-up on her face. This is, of course, tricky with a baby, but here goes!

Natalie, one month

Natalie, two months

Seeing as I did not get a good photo of Natalie from month one I've learned to upload the monthly photo the day I take it so I can retake if none of the photos are particularly stellar. (Today's two-month photos are the best two out of approximately 30 I took.)

One noteworthy difference between the one-month and two-month photos -- besides the fact that Natalie looks better rested now -- is the virtual absence of baby acne in today's photo. Natalie had some serious baby acne between weeks four and eight, and it peaked around week five, right when I was taking her one-month photos. In case you've never heard of it, baby acne is a normal phenomenon that happens to peak somewhere between months one and two.It results from the mom's hormones from pregnancy finally exiting the infant's body. Today Natalie still has some baby acne under her neck, but I'm the main person who gets to see it because it's most visible while nursing.

In celebration of Natalie having mostly overcome her baby acne, here are two bonus pics from today when she was looking quite alert in her swing.

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