Saturday, March 24, 2012


This would be where I would show you pictures of us with our daughter at the Cherry Blossoms. Going to see the Cherry Blossoms with Natalie on the Tidal Basin in D.C. is the one thing I've really wanted to do since she's been born.

But we missed our window of opportunity.

We had our last chance to go yesterday. We could have gone in the early afternoon, and even if we'd had to contend with traffic and crowds we would have at least gotten there several hours before sunset.

Instead we allowed our afternoon to be dictated by someone else's schedule. The pessimist in me knew that when I found out we'd have to leave several hours after I had hoped we would that there was no way we were going to get to do this thing, this one thing that I wanted to do. But as we piled into the car I thought maybe, maybe this will be a spring miracle.

We made it downtown just before sunset, and by the time we got there a screaming baby tired of being stuck in stop and go traffic and insane crowds kept us from being able to get out of the car and enjoy the moment. We were truly all dressed up with no place to go. And after today's torrential downpours that are being forecasted the blossoms will be gone.

Here's my parenting lesson learned: taking care of my family outweighs anything else. I need to remember this in the future and do what matters most for my family when we deal with more important issues down the road.

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