Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DJ Roomba's flaw

You may recall that right before we brought Natalie into our home we brought a Craigslisted Roomba robot vacuum cleaner -- or as we like to call him, DJ Roomba -- into our home. So far DJ Roomba is doing a great job keeping our main level of our home remarkably clean with one exception. All too often I wake up in the mornings, go into the kitchen, and notice this:

DJ Roomba is great on carpet. DJ Roomba is not so hot on wood floors. He is swirling all the dog hair around and distributing it into piles on the wood floors, but he is not actually doing his job of scooping up the piles of dog hair. I guess this is his one flaw. Of course, I can easily grab the Dust Buster and get up those piles of dog hair quickly, but still, I think his advanced technological prowess should include him completing this final step.

I will say, though, that is remarkable that once his little vacuum cartridge is full of dust, dog hair, and debris every night while we sleep DJ Roomba does what I call his "ET Phone Home" moment when he returns to his little port where he lives for 23 hours of the day. Smooth move, robot!

It's official, we are living in the future, and it is weird and fascinating.

And our future dogs will be the kind that do not shed.

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  1. Our house is almost all wood floors and we got one of those Mint robots that sweeps and mops hard surfaces. It is awesome! I would recommend one. We named ours too, but I have forgotten what we decided on... Usually I just say "get out the robot!" (This is Laura B.--follow my blog too! I'm finally working on it again.)