Thursday, February 23, 2012

6 weeks

So six weeks ago today I heard my baby scream for the first time as she was being pulled from my body.

Today that primal scream is back.

We have entered week 6, which according to quite a few moms I know and a book or two I've read is a difficult week.

Somehow we went from this... this:

Like clockwork, today Natalie is being fussy and insisting on only being quiet when being held.

I tried the baby bouncer, which calmed her down for about two of the five minutes I was in the shower.

So we moved on to the Ergo carrier. I've used it on a couple shopping trips, including our solo expedition to the grocery store yesterday (we walked there and back and made a lot of elderly people very happy!). But now I've joined the league of moms who wear it around the house to soothe their baby to sleep and free up their hands for a bit.

All it took was about 25 minutes worth of Jack Johnson's Sing-Along Songs, an Ergo carrier, and plenty of mom dancing to get this baby to calm down.

It's just amazing to me that as soon as she hit six weeks she had her worst day. Maybe if Natalie stays this predictable we can cross our fingers that she'll magically be sleeping through the night as soon as we hit four months...right?


  1. She's so cute Steph! If she's like clockwork, the fussiness should peak soon and diminish shortly after that. Your sweet little one will be back better than ever with lots of smiles, giggles and cute looks you've never seen before.

    Don't know about STTN at 4 months though, google 4 month sleep regression....

  2. We are having a fussy week too. Right at the 6 week mark too. Here's to hoping that it doesn't last long for either of us.

  3. Sorry, I know this post is about your beautiful baby, but I LOVE your bedding! Can we get a few more pics of that? haha

    {Hope she sleeps easily for you soon!}