Thursday, October 31, 2013

Homemade Halloween

Last year Natalie was an adorable elephant, wearing a costume from Carters that I found for so cheap  (after a sale and a gift card) it may as well have been homemade. This year, though, because the majority of outfits I could find that would fit her would represent the princess theme that we are trying to oh-so-desperately avoid (I realize this is likely futile), I decided I would take a stab at "making" a costume.

Adorable 9-month-old elephant last year

Here's the issue: I don't sew, I don't have a ton of free time, and I don't really care that much about holidays. But, babies and toddlers in adorable outfits are kind of irresistible.

So, going with the philosophy that I'd like to start a tradition of using as many items as we already have inside our house for future costumes, I brainstormed some ideas, and thanks to this post on A Lovely Lark I settled on using a hand-me-down hoodie as the basis for a book worm costume (inspired by this Real Simple link) for Natalie. Why a book worm? It's something she can say, it's easy, and it fits her personality. Done!

We had the pink hoodie and pink matching pants already in our house as hand-me-downs. I figured we needed antennae, a bow tie, and glasses. Because the original hoodie said "PRECIOUS" across the front in big letters, I figured we needed to cover them to say "BOOK WORM" (same number of letters! Perfect!). I debated if I should use felt, paint, or something else, and at the last minute (on October 30, I believe) I found a sheet of bright green duct tape and decided it would be our main material for not only the book worm letters but for the bow tie, too. I even wound up wrapping some extra duct tape around the antennae to keep the look as consistent as possible.

I wound up gathering supplies randomly while running various errands over the past couple weeks. I spent about 30 minutes yesterday putting it all together.

Here's what I ended up with, just in time for a celebration today (and practice trick-o-treat experience at our local library):

Here's the budget and details breakdown:
  • Duct tape -- one sheet, $1.19 (40% coupon), from Jo-Ann Fabrics. I used this for the book worm letters, the bow tie, and the antennae finishing touches.
  • Antennae -- $1.99, from a Halloween costume shop at the mall. I wrapped the springs and headband in duct tape.
  • Glasses -- $0.59, from Party City. These were in the favors aisle. They are Dora the Explorer themed. I just popped out the sunglass lenses and peeled off the Dora stickers.
  • Felt -- one piece, $0.29, from Michaels. I used this to form the portion of the bow tie that wraps around Natalie's neck.
So, last year I spent $4 on a store-bought costume, and this year I spent $4.06 to add accessories to a homemade costume. Let's see if we can keep this trend alive.

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