Monday, November 26, 2012

Let there be peace and Cheerios

In her 10-and-a-half months on this planet, Natalie has developed some decent gross motor skills at a reasonably fast rate. Climbing up -- and now apparently down -- all the stairs in our house is her favorite pastime. But her fine motor skills? Not so much. That's why Natalie's latest milestone, figuring out how to feed herself Cheerios, has been especially impressive.

Impressive to me, that is. I am sure this is not impressive to anyone else. But watching her successfully get Cheerios from her placemat into her mouth has been one more milestone that has made our collective lives easier.

Now I can toss some Cheerios on her placemat while I prepare the rest of her meal, and she doesn't scream the way she used to while turning impatient.

Now I can eat my lunch while she contentedly feeds herself Cheerios.

These last couple weeks there's been this renewed peace in our household, all thanks to fine motor skills and Cheerios.

1 comment:

  1. She looks quite pleased with herself :-)

    --Katie Y.