Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recipe tip: Smashed salt 'n vinegar potatoes

Soon after Natalie was born, when the weather was still cold, I wasn't leaving the house too much, and the dinner donations from friends had stopped coming in, I started flipping back through our recipe notebook, searching for fun new recipes to try. Though I will periodically add new recipes to the notebook, it can take a couple years before we actually test one out. I decided that if we were going to cook most of our own meals these days, both as a reflection of trying to save money and because going out to dinner is increasingly challenging with an infant's early bedtime, we better spice things up.

Enter this salt 'n vinegar potato recipe (of course from Everyday Food -- contain your disbelief). It's like a healthier version of one of my favorite horrible-for-you snacks, salt 'n vinegar potato chips (specifically the Utz variety), and it's not very difficult to make either. This is particularly important because with Natalie going to bed by about 7 p.m. we find ourselves starting the dinner preparation process then, leading to a much later dinner time than we used to observe.

This dish is pretty to boot, served up last night with asparagus and spice-rubbed grilled salmon.

Mmmmm....malt vinegar. Mmmmm....sea salt. Visit Martha Stewart's site for the recipe.

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  1. Yum-o! Your photography has gotten so good lately! Taking all those pics of Natalie is totally paying off in more ways than one ;).