Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pen organizer repurposing

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. We are in the middle of several projects that I will share with you once there's visible progress to share. In the meantime, here's a quick repurposing fix.

You know I'm all about decluttering as well as reusing and just generally reducing the number of items that come into our home. That's why last March I looked at an empty box that used to contain bath fizzies from Origins (and I do believe that's their proper name). I saw in that little cardboard box the potential to be a handy pen organizer once I added some make-shift cardboard compartments. It was working just fine.

Then I tried that indoor basil and mint experiment in February using three small planters a friend gave me a couple years ago. I love the little planters, but getting herbs or really anything else to grow in them proved nearly impossible for me. (And now that outdoor herbs are taking off so well, the need for indoor herbs is nil.)

So, I took that three mini-planter set that was still (for some unknown reason) sitting on a stool in our living room, and I gave it new life once and for all. Now, it's in a position of honor atop the office desk, serving its purpose nicely as a three-compartment pen organizer. With added space, it also means I get to display my colorful Sharpies and hopefully grab for them more often for handmade greeting cards and the like.
The desktop looks a little more refined now, right?

What items have you recently repurposed around your house?

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