Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MPix cards: great quality, value

I decided this year to send out year-in-review "holiday" cards after a bit of debate. For one, we don't really celebrate winter holidays, so the design choices are limited. Then, there's the price. This year, there's also the fact that we'll likely be sending out birth announcements some time in January for our son. How much mail does anyone care to receive from us? Also, does anyone care about receiving photos of our family in the mail in general? (Thankfully, this guy was never on our distribution list.) But then I figured, life's too short; let's send a card to people who might like to receive one.

After getting bombarded by Black Friday email deals from sites such as Tiny Prints and Minted, companies which I love but are just really expensive, I settled on the significantly cheaper option of MPix. (Sidenote: I don't work for MPix, and this is not a sponsored post.) I feel like MPix is this awesome little secret card maker of the Internet. I'm a long-time customer of the site, but until last year when we sent out New Years cards I'd never realized the site offers high-quality, reasonably priced customizable cards. I don't think many people realize this, either, because of the dozens of cards we get in our mailbox each year not one appears to be from MPix.

MPix was running a 25% off special on Black Friday, so I put in our order that day. I went with the Happy Everything theme because it seemed the most fitting for our family. Plus, I love the way this design, along with so many other MPix designs, includes room for photos on the back of the card as well as the front. Here's the design with the dummy photos:
Here are the photos we used:

I ordered two sets of 25 5x7" flat cards on signature paper with no gloss and rounded corners. The rounded corners cost an extra $2.50, but I prefer the look. I love MPix's signature paper. It is so thick and the photos on it stay true to the colors that I see on my computer screen when arranging the photos on the template. Even if I hadn't placed the order on Black Friday when I paid only $46.45 for the cards and shipping, the total for 50 cards would have been just $50.50 plus $7.95 shipping using standard USPS delivery. I think this is a great deal in the world of customizable cards, considering I would have paid double at Tiny Prints and more than double at Minted (but man do I love those cards, too).

Besides the amazing price and quality of the finished product, I also like the fact that MPix does not print its name anywhere on the card. This is bad advertising on the company's part, but good for me! Also, my order was sent out within about 12 hours of placing it. Even though I chose the slowest shipping speed, I still received the package within five days from the date the cards were printed.

My only complaint about MPix is that in my limited experience with customizable cards, MPix seems to limit the number of customizable options. For example, I thought I would be able to change the greeting on the back of the card. The "wonder and magic of this season" isn't really my style of writing or expressing emotion, but I only realized I couldn't change that after about 45 minutes of playing around with photos and finalizing the card, so I said *whatever* and figured the greeting is what people pay the least attention to (until you blog about it, I guess).

Other users might complain that MPix doesn't offer nearly as many design options as its competitors do, which I think is valid, but that particular issue hasn't been a concern for me.

Oh, and something silly: I happened to choose a design with space for five horizontal photos and space for only one quasi-vertical photo. In attempting to include a photo of Natalie and me as well as one of Natalie and Matt, I discovered that in all of 2013 I managed to avoid having a single horizontal photo of myself with my daughter. Goal for 2014: get horizontal and vertical photos of me and both of my children.

If you're thinking of sending out cards this year and haven't placed an order yet, you might want to give this lesser-known site a chance.

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