Monday, December 3, 2012

What to read (while you avoid the malls)

I like to call the day before Thanksgiving the last day I go to the mall that year. (I recognize that this year could be different as I search for ways to entertain a baby during the day.) I hate malls and shopping centers during the winter holidays. Thank goodness for online shopping. During the days spent mostly indoors, hopefully away from retail madness, you might be looking for some fun materials to read. Never fear. My husband, who has read the entire Internet, is at your service.

I wish I was kidding. Matt sends me the best stuff to read, so I really can't take credit for all of this, but I thought I'd compile the materials I've been enjoying of late.

Although I tend to hate the New Yorker, I can totally appreciate this little take on Goodnight Moon -- Goodnight Nanny-Cam. Here's a fun game: how many of the items listed apply to you? It's OK to admit. I count 11 for our family. (Another Goodnight Moon parody -- Goodnight iPad.)

I'm a sucker for all articles and information related to the rise of c-section rates in America. This Harvard Magazine article provides a good summary of lots of information I've read and heard elsewhere.

In the world of videos, here's something that's just too adorable to pass up. I normally find babies/kids acting like grown ups annoying, but it just works perfectly in this Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros video.

Here are a few Matt can't take credit for:
Although it's been around for a while, in case you missed it this Huffington Post parenting blog entry that went viral offers a sweet moment of reflection about parenting "lasts."

Another Huffington Post parenting blog entry, this one about advice to new parents. I do not agree with all of it, but it definitely sums up some of my main philosophies, including this line: "You don't need a title for how you parent." (Something I disagree with from the post? "This homemade baby food nonsense ends with you." It's really not difficult to puree some peas. We've made our own purees when we could and when we couldn't Natalie has enjoyed the great range of packaged baby foods out there.)

And when you feel like you're a bad parent, which chances are about four times per day, you should read this entry from Pregnant Chicken about Why You're Never Failing As a Mother. Don't have time to read the whole thing? This paragraph was what spoke to me most: "If you think about it, if you had a baby thousands, if not hundreds of years ago, you would have had your mother, all your sisters (all of whom were probably lactating), and your nieces all taking care of your baby. They would help with food preparation, show you how to manage, and make sure your baby wasn’t eaten by a bear. Your kid’s feet probably wouldn’t have touched the ground until they themselves would be able to carry around an infant." The idea of a bunch of lactating women living together makes me laugh, but also sounds pretty great. Also, it reminds me of The Red Tent. (Oh, and if you're looking for a novel to read and you're female, I'd recommend that one. Beware, dudes: if you read it you will probably get your period. This is especially true if listening to it on CD while driving cross country with your wife.)

What have you been enjoying lately on the interwebs?

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  1. Oh my gosh, that pregnant chicken post and the HuffPost advice post were awesome! Thanks for the good reads, though I wish I had spaced them out more so I had more to read tomorrow :)