Saturday, September 8, 2012

One can never have too many burp cloths

OK, so this is maybe the 17th time I've written about all things spit up, and I promise I'll stop, but clearly this is a major topic in my life these days.

Burp cloths. I always thought we had too many of them. Fear not, one can never have too many burp cloths.

There is the obvious on-your-shoulder use. Whenever I hand Natalie to someone who wants to hold her I always pass along a burp cloth, too, referring to it as our insurance policy. The standard response is, "Oh, that's OK," but I'm like, "No, really, take it."

Here are the three additional ways I've used burp cloths that have come in handy:

1) Before Natalie was mobile, and she could happily hang out in her baby gym, I would put a burp cloth underneath her head. That way, the spit up would at least drip down her face onto the burp cloth rather than all over the gym mat. This did the trick of keeping the gym relatively clean.

2) Every time I put Natalie in the Ergo -- which I absolutely love -- I put a burp cloth underneath my neck almost like a bib. This keeps the inevitable spit up from making its way down the front of my shirt, or, the best, into my shirt. If I was smart I would always travel with a change of clothes for myself, but seeing as I'm an adult and I don't wear a diaper it is difficult to remember to pack a spare outfit and probably more hassle than it's worth.

3) I keep a burp cloth underneath Natalie's head while feeding her on the Boppy pillow. I am still using that pillow. I don't know if that's weird or not, but it works for me, and having the burp cloth under Natalie's head keeps at least some of the spit up off her, off my clothes, off the sofa.
Having a burp cloth on hand = always worth it.


  1. Steph, you have the wittiest and funniest sense of humor. I still use the boppy every time I feed Sam. I love that thing!

  2. I have been meaning to write you this for awhile, but rest assured, one day at some undisclosed point in your future you will look at all of Natalie's burb cloths and think - hmmm, it's been a while since I needed one of them. The day will come. As I pack away all 862 of Gretchen's bibs I can tell you with certainty, I don't know when, but the day will come. Godspeed. :)